1kg Tub Apple & Oats Treats with Chia

Our premium handmade and wholesome Supalicious Treats are a blend of goodness made especially for your equine friend with all natural and some organic ingredients.

Apple & Oat with Chia Supalicious Treats include 100% Organic Apple and Rolled Oats with added Chia seeds for Omega 3.

They smell just amazing! Your horse or pony will just love them - Treat your equine friend with the best.

The 1kg Tub comes with a handy reusable container with a resealable lid, it is perfect to keep your Supalicious Treats fresh.

Supalicious Equine Treats are perfect for a special reward, a delicious training aid or crumble treats into your horse or ponies feeds as an extra delicious topper.

No matter the reason your horse or pony will love our Apple & Oat with Chia Supalicious Equine Treats!

All of our Supalicious Equine Treats are handmade to order with love to ensure the highest levels of freshness