250g Hemp blend

250g Hemp blend

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Supablend Hemp 

Combining the natural benefits of Hemp protein, Hemp Seeds, turmeric, blueberries. Yummy and delicious with the additional benefit of natural antioxidants, omegas and MCT’s. 

Suggested feed guide only:-

Dogs: up to 10kg - 1/2 to 1 scoop (20ml) per day over wet or dry feed.

Dogs: over 10kg - 1 scoop (20ml) per day over wet or dry feed. Adjust as needed.


Horses - up to 450kg - up to 60ml per day - vary as needed.

Always consult your vet if your animal is on any medication or for general advice before using our products.

Available in 250g and 500g

This product may contain small levels of THC (legal levels in Australia) however if EFA regulations state zero tolerance you may want to cease using 48hrs before competition.

This is a complementary supplement. End Product.