Hi, my name is Dayna Bradshaw I’m the founder and owner of my entertainment business Cowgirls With Wings Trick Riding & I’m based in South Australia. I started Trick Riding at age 14 and I have been performing as a professional Trick Rider and entertainer since November 2018, and is currently the only trick rider that performs in South Australia and Victoria so far. I showcase the true American version of trick riding across South Australia, where I hang upside down, stand up and do many more gymnastics stunts all while on a galloping horse. I have 1 horse I perform on, she is a very solid Quarter Horse mare named Double jack who i trust with my life, she absolutely loves Supa-licious Treats, we use them when we train and just when she needs a tasty treat! After my performances I have a meet and greet with myself and my mascot Popcorn the Roman Goose (yes a real life Goose which you can pet) as I absolutely love poultry and birds. I perform out of pure love of entertaining others and have been making peoples jaws drop and hands clap across Australia as a professional Trick Rider, showing people the daring, thrilling, adrenaline rushing sport. I  performs at Rodeos, Country Shows, Royal Shows, Gymkhanas, Race Days, Horse Expos & Events and much more. It’s always a thrill for me to leave the audience knowing that I gave them a unique and entertaining experience that they will never forget.


January 07, 2021 — Jenni Winslade