Supa-licious Equine Treats is a respected and renowned Australian family-owned business that commenced operations in 2014. At the core of our mission is the unwavering commitment to producing premium-quality, healthy, and equally delightful equine treats that find unparalleled favour among horses.

Our production processes are founded on the use of carefully selected natural ingredients that exclude unhealthy additives, chemicals, and refined sugars. All our products are meticulously prepared with careful attention to quality and utmost affection.

Founder Rebecca Supple partnered with renowned Horse Master Ray Winslade to establish Supa-licious Equine Treats in Queensland in 2014, having identified a yawning gap in the market for nutritious and healthy horse treats. Years of experimentation paid off when Rebecca discovered an exquisite combination of coconut and rolled oats and a few other top-secret ingredients to craft delicious and exceptional treats that were unavailable in the market.


Since our inception, Supa-licious Equine Treats has continually expanded, with Jenni, Rebecca's mother, joining the business in 2016. Based in Alstonville, NSW, Jenni's involvement in the business was integral to the expansion of our product range that leverages Rebecca's expertise in crafting outstanding recipes.

Supa-licious Equine Treats & SUPABLEND GOLD is currently under the proficient ownership and management of Nicole Attenborough. Nicole's involvement with horses predates the inception of Supa-licious, with over a 29-year stint in the equestrian industry.

Under the leadership of Nicole and her passionate team, Supa-licious Equine Treats has scaled unprecedented heights of popularity, with more and more equine enthusiasts embracing healthy and nutritious options for their horses.  Nicole and her teams commitment to providing excellent customer service crossed with a unique and healthy equine experiences remains more robust than ever.

The Supalicious Equine team looks forward to meeting you and and 'Treating your Equine Friend'