Supa-licious Equine Treats were created from quality ingredients by owner Rebecca Supple at her home in QLD in December 2014 for her beloved horse Champ (pictured). Rebecca is the daughter of legendary Horse Master, Ray Winslade (dec). Having grown up in the Australia film industry, horses are certainly in her blood. Having tried many different treats on the market, she was not sure they were what she was looking! Hmmm...

So, after lots of experiments in her kitchen (some not so good) and her family saying "is there anything for dinner!?" She came up with the texture, smell and most importantly 'healthier' option ingredients based on coconut, that she was looking for! The treats were firm enough to put in your pocket and not hard. They smelt delicious and were made from all quality ingredients - Yummo! They were user friendly for the owner and delicious for the horse! A treat even the owner wished they could eat... Super excited with her creation and the fact Champ loved them too, it was decided they would be called Supa-licious Equine Treats!

After then having the same problem finding suitable treats for her own pooches, Supa-licious now also offer a premium range of treats to cater to our canine friends too! Using the finest quality ingredients and naturally nutritious superfoods, our dogs have not missed out. These wheat-free treats smell delicious! Oh, and don't forget about our complimentary supplement Supa-blend gold aswell- for both horses, cats and dogs!

Supa-licious Equine Treats & Products is a family owned and operated Australian business, with Rebecca actively involved in every aspect of the process to ensure our premium range of treats are just as she created them to be - delicious, yummy bites of goodness made from the finest quality ingredients!



Supa-licious Equine Products changed ownership and location in March 2020. After having a sea change, Rebecca handed the reigns over to her Mother, Jenni Winslade who handmakes the treats in Alstonville, NSW on her organic farm. Jenni has been involved in the horse industry most of her adult life, with her late husband, Ray Winslade (dec.) a horse master. To this day, Jenni is actively involved with horses, having her own and her grandchildren's ponies on her property.