500ml Supa-blend GOLD


Supa-blend GOLD combines the well-known benefits of Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and Honeyin one beneficial animal supplement. 

This carefully formulated blend of wonderful ingredients makes Supa-blend GOLD an ideal supplement for your horse, dog or cat.

The Supa-blend GOLD supplement MAY assist with common conditions such as 

  •  allergic skin conditions

  • stomach ulcers

  • arthritis

  • inflammation

Supa-blend GOLD provides all the benefits of turmeric supplements, coconut supplements and more in one easy product. A blend of the very best that nature has to offer!


“Supa-licious have shared with me their process in developing Supa-blend Gold. The level of research and sourcing of quality raw materials provides a genuine product for animals to support their wellbeing."

Catherine Bird

Author - A Healthy Horse the Natural Way


Suggested Feeding (Guide Only):

Horses: 30ml daily (450kg horse) in feed, adjust as necessary.

Dogs: 5ml daily (25kg dog) in feed, adjust as needed. Recommended to start slowly over a few weeks until 5ml is reached.

Cats: 2 ml daily – diluted with water (8kg cat) in feed, adjust as necessary.